Red Skies

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Anyone else noticing the red skies at nightfall? Quite beautiful – clear across the sky from the west to the east. Not sure what that spread of red means …? Is it still ‘Sailors Delight’ in the winter?

I had the honour of being a judge in our local Festival of Trees this morning. Each year I look forward to taking in the beautiful displays. My favourites are the creative ideas (like the ‘Christmas Vacation’ (movie) inspired tree … or the ‘Hockey  Mom’ gift basket). I also love the handmade projects. This year I was greatly intrigued by a display entered by a reading club. There are SO MANY great books in that one – I’d LOVE to win it!! And, the tree based on the book ‘The Polar Bear Express’. This event is a fundraiser for the Village Beautiful projects in our six local tiny hamlets. We sure have a lot of talent in our communities!

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