Month: January 2017

Lovin’ It!

Another sunny morning. I sure do love blue skies. We were invited by a pal to the matinee of “Lala Land” today. Good show! We’ve been chuckling that my number one favourite thing was … the chairs!! Guess we haven’t been to the movie theatre in a while. The entire theatre is replete with lazy boy chairs!!! I have spent a LIFETIME being uncomfortable in theatres because my feet would never reach the ground. So I would spend the time first balancing on the toe of one foot – and then the other. And then would try to prop my foot up against something in front of me… Zowie! Today I just sat back and put my feet up without having to worry about an usher coming along with a flashlight to tell me to put them down. I have lived to see the future – and it is marvelous! 😉