Shorter …


Sun going down … just after four. Funny to be out in the ‘early afternoon’ and see that buttery glow spreading ’round. Got me remembering a time when my Mom found a tree along one of her favourite walking routes that was decorated in the woods. Not with lights that glowed. With baubles and strands of beads. Not a great idea for our woods as the donkeys would make short work of that … but I’m considering what might be possible on one of our outdoor trees. Then again … the squirrels and Jays and even the woodpeckers would likely find that kind of thing interesting to take apart.
Speaking of funny birds … here is our ‘confusion’. I can tell them apart. On the far left is Miss Charlie. Still the smallest. Next (in the back) is Bea. Also in the back – on the right – is Sir Henry. And front and centre is Chip. He has grown to be the biggest and bossiest. They are curious about when I’m going to put down their white millet treat.
Once that is sprinkled around they are all business! I hang out with them until they are done. Then I switch off the white light and leave them with the cozy red glow of the heat lamp. Their favourite night perch has turned out to be the old branch I stretched from their nesting boxes to the door. They like the fresh air near the door. It drives Darby crazy. Tonight she keep moving between looking at them through the coop windows … to dragging a package of bedding around the hay barn in consternation. Then she would come back sure that I would at least come out and give her ‘what for’!
Darby has moved into a new stage … she wants to still be ‘boss of the herd’. She also very much wants to have some solo cuddling time with me. She will walk right at my elbow – sometimes looking for a treat – often times just wanting to hang close to see what I’m up to. Where Rosie and Bella love back scratches deep into their thick coats Darby is more of a hugger. She just wants me to lay my hand over her back. Or gently warm up her ears. Or, just stand around with her to check out the back fields for intruders. How can I possibly resist her big beautiful brown eyes? 😉
Ede found a great addition for our paddocks and barns. A flashlight that is set up to mimic a wall switch. It looks just like that – you flick the switch and then the faceplate lights up with LED lights. We’ve put one in the Bully Garage and in the hay barn in the front paddock. It does look funny to see a ‘light switch’ on those walls. Both came in handy when I finished up my chores tonight.

Stay warm out there. Seems like winter’s chill is going to arrive in our area over the next week. Brrrrrr!

2 comments on “Shorter …”

  1. Evening by four o’clock is a startling concept for me! But the trade off must be those long summer days. I love the light you have captured in the photos, including the last one of Darby. Stay warm!

    1. Yes, I DO think about those long summer days … we will get down to eight hours of daylight and sixteen hours of dark. But there are those days that are the opposite in June. Thanks for noticing that shot of Darby.

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