Dodging the Flies


We got to kick around and watch the grass grow today. The world is a green explosion. Well … that is unless you were in the paddocks … which are still piled high with sand mountains. The tractor will be here on Thursday and we’ll be able to spread that out. The jennies have had time to create meandering paths through the sand hills. They’re still sticking pretty close to each other. The barns are a favourite spot when the winds die down. The blackflies seem to just scatter to the windows when they step into the shade past the doorways. I have to admit to dodging into the barn myself to take a bug break this afternoon! Phew!

2 comments on “Dodging the Flies”

  1. Celi had a very good idea … placing a little DE in the bottom of hessian bags and hanging them from tree branches, at a height that her cows walked/stood under them, the bags then released the DE a little at a time, seemed to help with flies and bugs. Ear scratches for the girls. Laura

    1. Hi Laura. Now that you mention that I remember reading that. I’ve just looked up what hessian is … and we do have some here. Interesting … I like giving ‘natural’ things a go.

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