Day: May 19, 2016

The Great Jug Challenge

We added a new challenge to the donkey playground today – Treat Jugs. Three recycled juice jugs suspended through a wide piece of doweling. We’d seen something like this online a while back for a dog. Every so often we try to change up the donkey playground. It keeps the herd curious about what they’ll find there. After a trial run we knew the perfect spot to suspend it from. There are really two parts to the challenge. The first part is for we humans. We have to try to sneak the treats into the jugs when the donkeys are not looking. It is TOO challenging to try to drop treats into the jugs when the donkeys KNOW you should simply be dropping the treats into their mouths. Ha! The second part was the most fun – for us – that was watching the jennies figure out how to get the carrot pieces, or later the apple chunks out. I’ve posted a video below this write up so you can see how the decided to solve the problem. (If you get this via email you’ll need to go to the blog to see the video clip.) A fun day!