Month: April 2016

Rakin’ in Sunshine

The Donkey Garden is open for the season… And did I get any pictures of it? No! It took three hours of raking to get the last of the gravel out. But it is gone! The donk-a-lonks were pretty funny to watch as they jogged down the Bully Road to get to pass through that gate. All winter they looked longingly at that extra space – but I kept filling it up with snow. They trotted around smelling everything, looking at everything, rolling on all the old favourite spots. Ede had a neat observation. It was like they missed all the sensations associated with it. I loved the sensation of being outside ALL day with only a short break for lunch. Lovely!

The trilliums are still in their holding pattern. We’re about to get a few days of rain and cloudy skies. I wonder if that will open their blooms?

You can really see Paco’s growth in his right cheek in today’s picture. For all that he still seems to be doing pretty well. He’s eager to eat, drink and cavort with the rest of the herd. Would that I could just will that sucker away!!

Hope you enjoyed a sunny beautiful day!