Feb Fun13Brrrrzzzzy! We discovered yesterday that our backyard thermometer doesn’t read below -40’C! Once the windchill drops us below that the monitor instead reads ‘OFL’. Not sure if that is some kind of slang weather curse … or a mystery message? Maybe it is simply awful!
Feb Fun12When it is that cold the donkeys make their way down to the front paddock to be there when the sun comes up. One blessing this winter is that the extreme cold has been paired with extreme sunshine. 😉 When I venture out first thing in the morning I usually find the four of them each still as a statue – fur soaking up the heat – steaming with each breath out. It was so bitter with the wind yesterday that I just opened the hay barn and said have at it! Once the barn became shady they were much happier outside.
Feb Fun17I set up loose hay stations in the lee of the hillside. That way they can eat quickly to heat up. They then sleep standing up beside the hay for most of the day. By early afternoon everyone is keen on some good back rubs and scratches to work the heat from their fur clear down to their hides. A lovely way to visit! It does get me wondering about how they spend their nights. I’ve taken to coming down to the kitchen table to check on them. (That’s where our ‘donkey cam’ monitor is).  Is there still hay in their feeders? Is everyone inside? Is anyone sleeping? It’s usually ‘yes’ to all of those. Shouldn’t I just bring them inside?!? A hesitant … ‘no’ … to that.

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