Day: February 18, 2015

Come Check Out Bully Road

Since Paco came to join us here at the Meadow over two years ago we’ve done quite a few ‘renovations’. Not the usual kitchen, rec room or bathroom renovations … donkey habitat renovations. 😉 We started out with one paddock and woods area for him to roam in. That grew to include a second front paddock that used to be a marshy field. Now there is a great little road that joins the two paddocks and the woods area. Check out this video visit I’ve made for you. We don’t go ‘up’ into the top of the woods – that is just plain snowed in until spring. But we do go along the ‘Bully Road’ between the two paddocks and through the edge of the woods beside the house. Ede narrates the Bully ride out to the front paddock and then the donkeys follow me back to show you the back paddock. Come on along! 😉

PS This is a video clip so if you’re getting this via email you’ll need to click on the title to see the clip on my blog.