Month: March 2015

Let it Shine

March 3101It was a day to celebrate! The sun was warm! Not just bright – warm.
Roll on your back and revel in scratching that itch warm.
March 3102Of course … that didn’t mean there were not any scuffles. Can you read Darby’s body language? Ears back … mane ruffled up … head down…
March 3103Rosie can. And she just says, “Aww, chill out Darby. Don’t be so crabby.” Which is kind of rich if you know the mood that Rosie has been in the last week! 😉
March 3107Bella realized she is just the perfect height to use the hay bin as a head scratcher.
March 3108Funnily enough she looked up and realized … hey … ‘Mom’ is here.
March 3109That’s the best way to look after this itch. 😉
March 3106Now that the snow has gone from most of the south side of the hill the search is on for roots and sprouts.
March 3104These guys are champs at scratching down to find something tasty.
March 3105

Hope the sunshine found you today too!