Waiting Game


It is a slow quiet Sunday morning. We’ve just passed the full moon and I think all four of the herd are tired out with their shenanigans. They’ve been cranky – and up late racing under bright night skies. We had our windows shut … (I hate when that happens each fall) … so I didn’t hear the coyotes singing – but I’d bet they were.

Notice how closely these four are hanging out? It is becoming more and more of a test to put the goats ‘away’ in their enclosure at night. They have tons of space but I can see that more and more they just want to stay with the jennies. Yesterday morning I came out to find Rosie tucked tightly behind a large rock in the little area I used for raising this summer’s chicks. She was standing right alongside the fence line to the goat’s hill. On the other side – Dotty – also pressed against the fence line. Both of them sleeping where they stood.

And yet – when you add me into the mix the goats go into ‘green eyed monster mode’. They are so jealous of my attentions. At those times Rosie just gets fed up and eventually chases them up into the woods. Where they stand on the highest rocks and stare down at her – minutes later to chase her back into the paddock. I guess they’ve reached their own understanding. 😉

This little face is Mary Poopins. She is one of the three ‘Frizzle Sisters’. They’ve become very tame and join the old girls in rushing to the gate when I show up. They’ve learned that there might be some sunflower seeds or peanuts to pick out of my pockets. I am loving working with the coop. It is so easy to clean. When we had rainy weather this week it was fun to see the whole flock hang out in there – watching out the windows – eating and sleeping – all staying dry. I think it will work quite well this winter.

I’m inside a little later this morning than usual. We have a little barn cat that we’ve been helping out this summer. We called her ‘Barnie’. Today – fingers crossed – she is heading to a home where a family is ready to take her in. First we have to convince her that the delicious food we have put in the live trap is worth the risk of going in. She’s seen a few raccoons get caught in there over the summer … She may be too smart for us to do that. Here’s hoping!

6 comments on “Waiting Game”

  1. It looks beautiful there & golden & everything & everyone waiting in wonder for winter. Mary Poopins & the flock are very lucky to be settled in such a lovely coop. I’m glad Barnie is going to a forever home if she will.

    1. We are having a gorgeous fall. Lots of colour. Keep sending us good luck to swoop Barnie up. I will feel so much better when I know she has a warm home for the winter.

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