Visiting Camera

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You might have noticed over the past few days that I’ve somehow magically been able to put myself into some of my pictures.

I love it when a photography nut drops by. Before I can make it all the way through my chores there are a gazillion clicks … and then some really great flerd shots.

While the rain patters against my study window … I’ll just spend a little time remembering this sunny day from last week.

Currently the jennies and the goats and the chickens are all taking refuge in the hay run in. All sleeping to the sound of the rain I think.

We’re looking ahead to this month with a great deal of excitement. If all goes well we will get to meet our newest grandchild soon! We are watching the COVID numbers with trepidation – but are keeping ourselves isolated and out of the fray.

Home is a great place to hang out – I know we are very fortunate. Somehow being ‘hermits’ has become quite in vogue!

Stay safe everyone. Happy fall! The leaves here are INCREDIBLE!

Hugs from the Meadow Mice

1 comments on “Visiting Camera”

  1. Love all the pictures, they are great. Fingers crossed you get to meet Bennie, she is a gorgeous little girl.

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