A Little of This and That

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Hmmm… I sense a change in the weather is heading our way. This afternoon’s skies were full of stories and whispers.
Sept113Even though their ancestors came from desert lands I think our herd is ready for the change.
Sept115Enough dashing and gnashing at the biting flies. WHICH I think we’ve got a better handle on… due mostly to my rethinking my strategy of letting the compost (think manure) dry by leaving the bin doors open. Closed door – sunny day – baked flies. Can you see that little black critter on the driveway just outside of the paddock?
Sept1115Alby has decided that when the donkeys get their bowls of carrots s/he needs her bowl of afternoon cat food. We’re making good progress s/he and I.
Sept1111Where ever I go – front paddock – hilltop – back paddock – gardens – s/he goes too. Look at that relaxed stance – tail wrapped around just so … and notice the clearly spoken signal, “I’m hungry. Got anything to share?” S/he’ll sit beside me now if I bring out some tuna to share. Neither of us has ventured to touch each other yet. But soon I think …
Sept117I would imagine the crunching and munching in the paddock must make Alby’s stomach juices flow …

Sept1112Paco thinks Alby has me wrapped around her little paws. That is very rich coming from the one who parks outside the kitchen or bedroom windows staring and willing me to come outside.
Sept1113I love the whorls on Paco’s chest. Especially the one on his neck. Looks like a belly button!
Sept1114The critters stayed very close when I was out today. It took me a while to get there as I was caught in a personal rendition of the saying, ‘The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.’ It took three different drives south and then north and north again to get the proper paperwork filed for an upcoming project. When you live in the country you really should remind yourself there is no such thing as a quick errand!
Sept118Paco: There she goes again…

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