Nice to be Needed


Sept102Aww… it is so nice to feel so needed around here! 😉 I’ve noticed that as the mosquitoes have disappeared, and the blazing heat has subsided … and yet their appetites are still summer sized … the donkeys want to play! WITH US!
Sept101They’ve learned all of the key places to watch for us – the kitchen window over the sink – the garage door – even the front window over my ‘snoozing couch’. They know the sound of carrots being chopped on the kitchen counter … and the sound of the grain bin in the garage. And, although they LOVE their treats – they also just plain want us to be out there to hang out with them. Darby knows our schedule down pat – and if I am slow in getting outside she’ll let the entire neighbourhood know! 😉
Sept104I was working away on some fall gardening jobs this afternoon.
Sept103That didn’t go down so well with Darb because I was on the ‘wrong side’ of the fence line!
Sept106As long as I kept talking to her while I worked she was content to stand at the steps and keep an eye on me.
Sept105The herd is starting to run again. (The summer heat seemed to put a kibosh on that daily routine.) When I would move from one garden spot to another Darby would round everyone up and off they’d go. They make me laugh! Especially because it seems that part and parcel of ‘taking off’ is ‘tooting’!
Sept107I brought a little fall colour in to our light table garden as well. These mums are extraordinary!
Sept108They’ve got neon blooms!
Sept109It sure brightens up our tv room.

Hope the day treated you well! Hugs from the Meadow Mice.

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