Day: September 16, 2015

There’s Always One

That’s what the vet tech said today when I picked up some antibiotic cream for Darby. She seems to be our ‘Calamity Jane’. She had the run in with too much rich grass – ended up with an iv in her neck one very foggy June midnight.
Posse7She was the one to try to scare off the porcupine … and we had to remove the quills one painful pull at a time.
Posse8She was the one to get an awful hoof abscess that seemed to reach all the way to her knee cap – and ended up spending three full days in her stall.
Posse6And now today … poor thing gouged the corner of her eye lid scratching her face against the barn door. It was quite something as one minute she was fine – the next she had one very blood filled eye.
Posse9She seems to be doing okay. I managed to clean her eye (as her solution for the aggravation was to rub it in some sand …). The bleeding mostly stopped but now she has one droopy bottom lid. When I got back from the vets she managed to let me put some antibiotic cream on the cut. Poor thing. When I look at herĀ my eyes start to water! I just came in from checking up on her. She’s snoozing while watching the ball game next door. They’re playing under the lights – which always fascinates the herd. Hopefully she manages to get some sleep. I think it must be quite sore!

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