New Horizons


I was reading posts in a FB group about donkeys last night … their conversation focusing on how their donkeys free range on pasture. It reminded me of a conversation I’d had with our ‘Donkey Grandparents’ (aka the Gibsons).Their donkey herd is on pasture all year round. I have had our donkeys on the back field … but not for two years. One – there was Avian Influenza to consider. There still is … but it hasn’t been identified in our area over the two years it has been closely monitored. Two – Rosie had issues that might have been related to eating pasture grass. Higher sugar content – causing ‘prediabetic type’ responses. I do have medication that helped her then. And should there be signs of hot hooves or colic symptoms I would start using that in a flash. Taking HEIRO could be part of her daily routine again. She quite likes it.

They certainly were excited to have access to the new grass. And they love the feel of the open space. I hauled one of our benches out there and sat down to enjoy it too. Soon enough I realized another group in the flerd had realized the gate was open.

There were good bugs under those leaves. Paddy kept a close eye on this group. And before I left he decided that was enough grazing under the big open sky. He herded the hens all back under cover. We’ve had a few hawks and an eagle flying around this spring. Paddy is very aware of that danger.

The goats had to settle for my promise to bring them along tomorrow. I wanted Jill and Joker to have a chance to discover how the back mesh electric fencing worked before having to contend with any goatie shenanigans. The goats will have double jeopardy to deal with. There will be the fence – but they will also have their collars on. They haven’t needed much correction at all. While introducing the new pasture layout I think it would be prudent to have a quick way to set boundaries.

The rain moved in just before dinner. I felt like a counsellor at camp … happy for the rain’s help in convincing the flerd to turn in early. I did have to go looking for the ducks. They were up on the rocky section in the woods – celebrating a big puddle. Haha!

That meant tonight I could spend a little extra time at the piano. This is an incredible time to be alive. There I was plugged into the MIDI of my keyboard. My laptop also connected to ‘Playground Sessions’ – a piano teaching app. Through video lessons and game like sessions where the laptop can detect my playing I am getting the chance to learn how to play chords with popular music. How cool is that?!

2 comments on “New Horizons”

  1. I love the sound of the piano teaching app! Which one is it? I have a Focusright that connects my keyboard or electric uke to my computer so it might work for me too!

    1. It is called Playground Sessions for piano. I am really enjoying it! AND there are so many things I need to learn! A bit addictive at this point. Hehehe!

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