Here is good old Paddy … ‘enjoying’ a spa treatment. His poor legs and feet are deformed from a terrible bout with scaly leg mites. I believe there are not new deformities. We are still trying to relieve the effects from two years ago. He relaxes right into the warm water. After twenty minutes I attempt to cut off some of the build up. He is so cooperative… even when sometimes I draw blood trying to get down to his skin level. I managed to get one leg somewhere near comfortable late in the fall. But then winter took over and soaking and getting wet … were not on the good idea list.

So today we began work on his right leg. When I picked him up to bring him into the house he relaxed into my arms. I think he remembered the soaking sessions from last year – and was quite willing to have a go at it again. I can place him on the counter in the bathroom and he will just stand there waiting for the sink to fill up.

When we finish up he spends a little time as a chicken burrito. Before I took him back out I lathered his legs in vaseline. Just in case we are still fighting a current infestation. I will need to treat the hens with vaseline as well. None have anything like poor Paddy.

I also took the power washer to the perches. It was good to get the winter build-up off. Chickens are not neat and tidy creatures. As I watched the poop and dirt build up over the fall and winter I was thinking I would need to toss that wood and start again this spring. Sooooo satisfying to be able to spray most of it off.

Along with cleaning up the perches I shovelled and scraped the Palace down to the rubberized floor boards. Lady Bird and Red gave it their seal of approval. I love working in this building. I can even see it is possible to take the power washer to the walls and floor once the warmth of the summer moves in. It could use a total clean out. If I could put every one of our critter groups into a building like this … it would be amazing. Easy to clean – airy – bright …

THIS is the building that came from experience. And cha-ching … $$$$’s. It was good for the goats. I even harboured dreams of building them stairs that would let them use the lofts. But the woods are good for the goats too. With the rocks and space up there – they are happier. It is GREAT for the chickens. They have lots of space for hanging out inside on bad weather days. It is raised on a bed of gravel – with containment walls of two by sixes to hold it in place. THIS building may be the one I am still using when I’m 80. Heading out in the morning to find some eggs for breakfast!

And no … remember … those are not televisions on the walls. They are the ceramic heaters. I’ll take them down the next time I have a moment and store them away. Feels good. Chicken coop – refreshed!

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