Here It Comes


According to the weather crew on CBC Radio if we can manage the next week or so … we’ll have made it through the worst this winter will throw at us …

I’m hoping so! Today was wickedly cold. The temperatures were sitting in the mid-20’s. That is the NEGATIVE mid-20’s! The windchills …

… were down around the mid NEGATIVE 30’s. OUCH! I had to retreat inside to warm my fingers up enough to keep going with the chores.

I was feeling great about how all the little groups were doing – in warm tucked away spots. Until I ventured into the Brahma coop. Yikes! The north wind was chasing them all down into their little sleeping room. As I walked around I could feel the wind on my face. Seems my fall window installations were not holding up to this kind of weather. After a few trips to the ‘Hardware Store’ that is our basement I managed to secure some big sections of cardboard up against the north wall and closed off the roof ventilation from that direction. I then used the last of the straw bales to insulate the floor level and along the gaps up the corner post. It’s not pretty … but it sure brought the flock back up.

This is a panorama shot – but it gives you the north and the northeast walls. It was a relief to hit this coop last thing before I came in for dinner. It was already feeling MUCH more comfortable. The thermometer was now reading -15’C. Funny how that now seems ‘warm and cozy’!

2 comments on “Here It Comes”

  1. Thinking of you alot today.
    Hwy 7 closed from Ottawa to Sharbot Lake.
    Stay safe and warm

    Love reading the Meadow reviews


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