Can you believe it …?


March Break is almost over … !

Six months ago the girls arrived here for their March Break. And the rest is history!

We’ve been able to have regular ‘Gramma Camp’ sessions all spring and summer. We know we’ve been fortunate. The girls have been part of our ‘bubble’ from the start.

It has been wonderful to see them more often. We have loaned them back to their parents for stretches. 😉

Lexi has stretched up this year. Those legs are long! That’s meant she has been able to drive the tractor with confidence – and now skill too! She can pitch in (literally) and can manage all of the critters.

Kyla is our donkey whisperer. She is good at recognizing when the jennies would love a scratch or a cuddle. Here she is brushing Rosie’s flanks – both – at once. 😉 Two brushes.

She is also a chicken whisperer …

She noticed Lindy following her … wanting to be picked up.

There she goes … you can do chores one handed …

… or cuddling with two.

She’s also an eagle eye when it comes to noticing caterpillars, walking sticks, frogs, toads, dragonflies, snakes, turtles ….

So now the six month March Break looks like it is drawing to a close. The girls are both keen on returning to a life that includes their friends, teachers and a more regular school routine. Like everyone else with kids beginning this strangest of new school years we’re keeping our fingers crossed for them.

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