Unfurling for Spring

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March 810Woohoo! We actually saw some bare ground this afternoon! Muddy, water soaked sloshy ground. It was time to bring out the ice ax to dig some canals. There is so much snow in the back field and on the hillside in the woods … I hope we luck into a few days with unusually high temperatures. I have a feeling running water is going to be a going concern.
March 814Speaking of running water. I happened to pause in the doorway to our sunroom and noticed the Christmas Cactus seemed to be enjoying some rain … rain!? In short order Ede was on the roof with a shovel and I was on the ladder with an trowel hammering away at the ice block in the eavestrough. Today’s quick melt had backed water up in the eaves so that it was ‘sneaking’ in along the ceiling. Ouch! That has slowed down as the sun went away… We’ll have to see tomorrow if we’ve solved the problem.
March 815All this talk about spring and leprechauns and Easter bunnies seems to have led to an unfurling of sorts … Darby’s ears look even longer this year! No wonder she can hear what is going on the other side of the village! She’s practically got radar. 😉 Hope the first warmth of spring finds you and yours above the water line! Hugs from the Meadow Mice

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