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We are so close to introducing those Guineas to the big wide outdoor world! We have some holes to fill … and the escape ‘hatch’ to build … and then … we’ll likely wait and wait and wait for them to get brave enough to come outside! 😉

The jennies are bothered by what we’re doing. They just cannot figure it out. The three of them roamed the hillside most of the afternoon keeping us in sight. Rosey has been in and out of the run and checked it all over. She is fine with it all in her usual easy going way.  Darby and Bella are staying well clear. At one point I looked up to hear Darby whining from just up the hill. She was quite disturbed by the sight of me being ‘locked’ inside the new ‘cage’. When we finished up today those two were tucked into the Condo feigning disinterest. As soon as the tools were gone they were checking out the perimeter. It will be interesting to see them when they are that much closer to the Guineas. I think this will be a good way for them both to get used to each other.

I’ve noticed this last week that the Guineas are more and more confident about approaching me when I’m in the coop. The roosters all line up around me – about six inches from my legs – and look … and look … and look. Beaker has decided I’m no obstacle at all if he wants to fly down from their top perch. Yesterday he wrapped his wing around my noggin’ in midflight. Today I was ready for him and leaned back when he launched himself. I turned my face away and let him breeze by. An hour or so later Ede had a great laugh when she noticed I was sporting a bright white Guinea feather – stuck to the neck of my jacket. (Close encounters of the bird kind!)

Love the feeling of my skin these nights … after being outside all day … that wind burned sensation is one of my favourite signs of spring!