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A Romping Good Time

You know … I wondered if this was ever going to happen. And was so glad to be able to see it! Rosie is a very gentle spirit. She rolls with the punches… injuries … grumpy herd mates … the weather … and even two little goats who are very pushy at times.

Bella simply hauls off and gives a good swift kick if the goats need to be reminded to leave her (or her food) alone. Darby is the ‘mom’ and can absorb butts and hugs and will share her food bowl gladly. Rosie … Rosie in her Eyorish fashion will simply move to another bowl, or turn away from running goaties.

Until … having nursed one very sore eye for more than a week … I think her patience ran out. So as her eye is healing (ugly cut that literally removed her bottom eye lid – not from the goats – they were in their own area – we think it was from a sharp branch in the woods …?) and the antibiotics were making her tired … she decided to make her REAL feelings known.

Take a look: