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Celebrating Brettski!

What an amazing weekend! My sister Cindy and I met up in TO to celebrate Brett Story’s Canadian Premiere of her film “The Prison in Twelve Landscapes”. It was one of the features at this past week’s Toronto Hot Docs Festival. The theatre was packed with a very appreciate audience. I was busting at the seams feeling so proud for Brett. We’ve enjoyed watching her develop her idea throughout these past few years. She managed to create this award winning full length documentary¬†at the same time that she wrote and defended her PhD thesis!! This is one lady to keep an eye on. She is brilliant, beautiful, caring and ready to take on the world. We’re proud of you Brett! Bravo!

After taking in the show Cindy and I wandered the city enjoying the spring gardens and the amazing architecture. Toronto is a beautiful city. The waterfront is really a great place to wander. I left Cindy boarding her train three hours before mine was to leave … That gave me a chance to check out the aquarium. Wow! This little village girl enjoyed the sights. Now I’m ready to settle back into home for a quiet week or two. Hope all is well with you. Hugs from the Wandering Meadow Mouse!