Tag: Donkey First Aid

Poor Rosie

My poor buddy Rosie has a limp today. Her back left leg is bothering her.That leg was all muddy and wet – from the hip down to her hoof. Looked like she had had a spill. (I’m sorry Darby … but the whole situation did make me wonder … had Darby been chasing her?!) My first aid check seems to show that there are no broken bones … not even a sore hip joint or sore knee joint. Her hoof seems fine – the sole is not sore to touch – there are no holes or obvious abscesses …. Where she does seem to be sore is right at the top of her hoof and at the back where the bulb of the frog rolls under. So I treated her with some iodine based thrush treatment and then offered her some bute in a sryinge … which she MANGLES. She sure does love the taste of that stuff! Bute is sort of a donkey’s ibuprofin. I then stayed close by most of the day. She was moving a little better by this afternoon. Judging from past situations where she has had similar problems … I’d say it might take a few days to get back to smooth operations.