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The Best Gifts in Life

Somehow I didn’t make it to my computer for blog writing yesterday – and for the greatest of reasons. My junior donkey whisperers (and guinea charmers) were visiting for the weekend. We sure can pack a LOT into a couple of days.

Even though the windchill was bitterly cold we managed to keep ourselves out of the brunt of it and still enjoyed lots of time with the jennies. The girls were fascinated by the big oak tree that came down last fall and spent a lot of energy trying to climb up into the heart of the five main trunks. There were walking sticks to collect, races to be had, icy puddles to slide on and hay bales to climb. When we were rosy cheeked we headed inside.

It was a great weekend for projects. Lexi and I decided it was time for her music video debut. We put some blue screen magic to work and remade one of her favourite tunes to feature ‘Lexi Cairns’ as Ariana Grande’s little sister and super hero. Meanwhile Kyla and Gramma Ede were mastering solar energy, lego machines and creating a Harry Potter style wand. Creativity was blooming at our place!

Now I CANNOT let this evening go by without mentioning that Edie and I are GLUED … absolutely glued to our seats watching the Canadian Screen Awards. Our family’s dear Brett Story is NOMINATED FOR A CANADIAN SCREEN AWARD for her documentary ‘The Prison in Twelve Landscapes’!!!!!! She is right there – sitting in the SONY Hall in Toronto … we are SO EXCITED FOR HER! GO BRETTSKI! (If you’d like to check out what her film is about the website is here.) She is an amazing talent and we are so proud of her work and the incredible person that she is. Love you Brett!