The Beginning

And here is where it all began …

Last fall I noticed a donkey standing in one of the fields I would pass by on my walks. I’d never been up close to a donkey before … He seemed friendly and very interested in the apple I was carrying. Before I knew it I was walking that way every day to see if I could get a glimpse of him. We became good friends. He could hear me coming along the gravel laneway and would come running across the field anticipating whatever treat I had hidden in my anorak pouch.

By the winter time I had taken to walking with him around his field. When it got icy he spent most of his time in an old barn. I’d trudge across the ice and snow to bring him carrots and apples. He was always glad to see me and loved it best if I would stay after he ate to scratch his ears and nose and give him a good hug.

So now … one year later … we are preparing ‘The Meadow’ for its own two donkey companions. Next July we will welcome two miniature donkeys. We’re cutting some brush and trees on the woodland part of our property and preparing our ‘backyard’ to become the ‘donkey yard’. I’m making trails in the bush that will lead to the small field area by the road. And then, we’ll also take in our usual walks in the many fields and woods around our home – only with two donkeys along for the view. Retirement is turning into an exciting prospect! Plan is – I’ll retire – pick up the donkeys – and settle into our cozy hermitage. Hurray!