Grunt Week

Last weekend was idyllic for Paco and I. Warm sunny days – lots of green grass needing to be trimmed – time to enjoy being close at hand for walks and snuggles. We even went wandering through the woods together.

Then … the arrival of ‘G’ Day (aka gelding day). We met an amazing, caring, gentle veterinarian by the name of Ken Hammond that day. Although he put me right at ease and showed that he was well able to manage and soothe Paco … I think he’ll be in Paco’s bad books for quite a while! While Ede paced inside the house – passing the back window occasionally but having to then sit down and put her head between her knees – I stayed outside and was right in the middle of things. I helped Ken roll Paco onto his back (he was fully sedated – Paco not Ken) and then held him there while Ken did the ‘operation’. Another ‘angel’ showed up in the form of Lyn Cronk (owner of the Eastern Cowboy Ranch just down the road). Lyn is another gentle giant. He provided a much needed extra pair of strong arms to help to hold Paco for his teeth grinding (don’t ask) and then set to work on his hooves. After a few hours Paco was sore from head to toe … but on the road to recovery.
Rightfully so … he has become VERY cautious this week. I made sure I spent extra time outside with him each morning and afternoon to help him to gain back some confidence that I wasn’t coming after him with a needle … or worse.
It was hard to leave for school in the morning when I knew he was feeling so rotten. Ede did a great job of sending me pictures to reassure me. She has her hands full between the two of us!!
This morning we woke up to the first snowfall of the season. I’m hoping the cold might work as a natural ‘ice pack’ for Paco’s bruising… He was eager for company – and even a snuggle after his carrots. I left him standing at the fence watching the chickadees and nuthatches flit around the bird feeders.
I guess we’ll all be finding cozy afternoon snoozing spots – storing up winter storm energy!
Hugs from the Meadow Mice,

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