How great it is … to be one of the Grammas to host a Thanksgiving get together. I have so many wonderful memories of being a kid traveling to our family weekends in the fall … and now – somehow time has already wound around to bringing the kids back to me. Now THAT is something to be profoundly grateful for! Here are a few treasures from our gathering.

My first favourite memory is when I was carrying a sleeping Kyla into the house on Friday night. It was dark and the house porch light was off so it wouldn’t wake the girls up when they came in. As I got to the steps Kyla stirred and opened her eyes and then gave me a big hug while she sighed, “Oh … Gramma’s house! Hi Gramma, I love you.” I think I could have carried her to the ends of the earth and back in that moment!

Another favourite moment was when Lexi realized she didn’t have to be afraid of Teddy. Although – I’m not so sure that was Teddy’s favourite moment! 😉

We had our Thanksgiving dinner down at Rick and Beth’s. We manage to celebrate a lot of things on Thanksgiving weekend. There is Corey’s birthday (30) and Lexi’s birthday (2) and Halloween. So dinner is always chased by birthday cakes and pumpkin carving.

Back at ‘The Meadow’ on Sunday we headed out for a long walk in the woods. We did notice that Kyla was a bit hesitant to let any of us step up close to the edge of Fish Creek. It wasn’t until a few hours later that we learned she had been watching a documentary about wildebeests and crocodiles earlier in the week!

That water does look a little dark if you were trying to see what lay on the bottom!

Ede kept a good lookout for us all.

James, Brett and Kyla found the perfect walking sticks when we were in the ‘Valley of the Trees’. (Also found out later that pointy sticks were necessary when fighting off crocodiles!)

Milkweed blowing contests can leave a Gramma winded! 😉

We took some time to plant next spring’s tulip and daffodil bulbs.

All too soon it was time for everyone to pile into their cars and head back to the city. It sure was great to be surrounded by family voices, and laughter and stories!

Gramma Wen