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God Saved the Queen!

Hurray! Let the ‘Games’ begin! You have to hand it to our Queen. There she is at 86 years of age – jumping out of a helicopter with James Bond! And not a hair out of place when she stood up to officially open the Olympic Games in London. I can see that our Elliott clan background sure comes from fine stock across the pond!

Our athletes sure looked good marching into the stadium. We have 277 athletes there – but our actual ‘team’ numbers are more like 688. We sure have a lot of coaches, officials and staff there too. Two of my favourite sports start tomorrow. Canada’s basketball team plays at 6:15 am. YEP! THAT IS AN EARLY MORNING GAME! Then the soccer team plays at 9:15 am. I’m hoping to get a peek at both of those games.

We’ve just watched more tv this evening than we have all month. Phew! We’re NOT IN SHAPE for this much screen time. I think we’re both feeling a bit square eyed. I think we’re going to have to sit down with a schedule and figure out when we can manage bathroom and food breaks! 😉

Signing off from Olympic Cheerleader Headquarters!