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HOW is it dark again?

Spring days! They just whiz past me. One minute it is too early to get up – but I do … and the next it is time to go to bed … and I might! 😉 Unless I have a very good book on the go – which this week is a YES. (Homo Deus by Noah Harari)

Yesterday the sun showed itself all day … and once again compelled me to stay outside. I got the barns and the chicken’s winter run all washed down – soapy bucket – floppy mop – war on the cobwebs and the wood dust. Still ahead of the bug burst! Tomorrow is another sunny day – hope to finish the fans and get them all installed.

Spent some quality time at the Tryon farm. The little lamb rams are quite the busyness now! They are outside with the ‘big guys’. When they saw me head for the gate they came running across the paddock yelling “That’s MY milk!” at the top of their lungs. I wonder how big they’ll be when we are finishing their last week of bottle feeding … 😉

The baby goats are all out and about too. So much white flashing around the barnyard. I love when they are all galavanting about and singing the goatie chitter chatter song. They seem like a healthy happy little group.

Goats are notorious for being great escape artists. I did notice that yesterday the Tryon goats (those without kids) were up on the ‘escarpment’. They have a beautiful hill of rock on the south side of their paddock. LARGE hill – rounded rocks – great places to climb and jump and lay in the sun. Today I found them out on the road a few hundred metres east of the laneway – grazing on the new green grass. They had come through the cow pasture and slipped out to the road. Once I got them back on the proper side of the fence they made a beeline to the barn – again through the cow pasture – as they knew I was driving down the laneway. Big goatie let down when they learned that I was not delivering grain to their troughs. Cari would be doing that later. I was the milk mom for those four lambs.

Back home here I was missing the girls. We sure had a lovely weekend. They just slip into life here like it was their own. At one point they were having an amazing game of tag with the goats up on the hillside. Sometimes the goats would be ‘it’ … sometimes the girls. They had great games of ‘head butting’. And I stopped to soak in the scene I came upon when Kyla and Bella were hanging out on the front knoll … just soaking in the scenery together.

Today was farrier day here. I line up three other farms with horses and donkeys for Dan. He is an INCREDIBLE farrier. Talented and empathetic. The other three stops have owners that work away all day. So I tend to travel around from place to place with Dan. We have great long talks and I learn a lot from him about how to gentle horses and how to maintain healthy hooves. He sure is an important ingredient to a healthy herd! No pictures – ’cause I was yaking too much! 😉

When I finished the afternoon chores the jennies were grazing on the hillside. And if you look very closely you might notice a tinge of green up there!

Happy spring cleaning to you too!