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Road Ready

We’ve been having a feast of storms in our area this week. I’m SO glad we have the ‘Bully’ to plow out the laneway and the paddock (and the hillside … and the compost yard … and the front field …) as many times a day as necessary.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe seem to have that part of the equation down pat.
Road Ready002We are also TREMENDOUSLY glad we have CAA coverage! Seems ‘Red’ ran over a screw in the laneway – and slowly but surely developed a rear flat tire. No problem – ‘she’ took a quick ride down to Vaughn’s Automotive in Verona – est voila – three hours later …
Road Ready003… we gratefully pulled back into the laneway … well ‘almost’ into the laneway. Having already been stuck on the black ice at the corner store I couldn’t believe it when I pulled back into our laneway and promptly fell off into the snow bank  … we called CAA back again – and THEN three more hours later … we were road ready. 😉

So now … the generator is primed and ready to start when needed … the bathtub is full of water … there is a baked chicken in the fridge for finger pickin’s … the barns are topped up with hay … the flashlights are at hand… Kingston area has lost its power and we’re crossing our fingers, toes, eyes, knees … and anything else that will help! Stay safe everybody. Not a night to be on the roads!

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