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Gramma Camp

Good morning at the Meadow!
This is day one of Gramma Camp. The four of us drove home from Whitby last night to wake up to a few special summer days right here. We were all up bright and early and the first priority was to get outside. We played a few rounds of golf, fed a few chipmunks, and went for a walk in the woods. Kyla is the expert now and could lead us all the way from the back of the woods to the big rock

There is great shade all around the yard in the morning. So we took full advantage of that.  There isn’t as much humidity so it is bearable out there. We started out all covered up and ended up exploring what it was like to walk in bare feet on grass, dirt and stones. Turns out it was a bit surprising! The swings are still a popular stop.

Kyla and I made sure to hike over to Paco’s field when Lexi had her morning nap. It was some hot when you were walking up across the top of the hill in Parham. Phew! He was happy to see us and remembered his little buddy – Kyla. She fed him four carrots and we patted him on the nose before we left to walk home.

The birthday girl (Kyla was five last week) had some surprise gifts to open while we topped up on water. We were really thirsty! She opened a new sunwear shirt and shorts, a few good reading books and a great sticker project book.

We had some delicious lunch and decided that we needed to get to Eagle Lake. It sure was warm for July! We watched Kyla dive to catch sunfish with her net. Lexi had a great floating crab to bop along in. I think we were in the water for over an hour. There were lots of other kids to play with – and PLENTY of sunfish to chase away from white ‘Gramma’ legs! 😉

We sure are having a great day. Hope you are enjoying your day too!

Love from the Grammas