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August Air

I’m happy to report that putting the fence up in Donkey Woods is MUCH easier than ‘harvesting’ the fence from down the road. It sure felt good to start to line the trails this morning. We’ve had a beautiful sunny cool day – great for working outside. Our niece, Claire, is visiting this weekend. She chuckled at finding a note on the kitchen table that wished her good morning and told her Ede was out ‘back’. (I was up in Sharbot Lake.) Claire, picturing her ‘auntie’ relaxing on a recliner with a morning cup of tea was surprised to find that in fact Ede had finished digging a DEEP fence post hole and was actually up in the woods transplanting two trees.

I can feel my ‘heart’ starting to divide as I breathe in this fresh August air… For me, the start up of school is as exciting as Christmas was when I was a little girl. I begin to teach in my sleep … start covering bulletin boards and try out art activities in my imagination when I’m walking up to Paco’s field… I know that I am lucky to have a job that I get so excited about. It is also intriguing to think of this year as my ‘final bow’ in the classroom. There are a number of favourite lessons and classroom trips and activities that I’m locking into my calendar. At the same time I am chomping at the bit to have our two donkeys join us ASAP. So this year – as my grade eights dream of graduation and high school – I’ll be able to join them in thinking about my own ‘graduation’ to home.