Category: Donkeys


Today I get to introduce you to the ‘people’ of Ass Back Wood Acres. Donna (above) and I worked together a number of years ago. She is standing here with Bentley, Dell and the ‘wee one’ (which I have nicknamed Bella). I think Bella is soon to get her official name.

Kevin is the Donkey Expert at Ass Back Wood Acres. He can give you the lineage of all of his donkeys and has an incredible wealth of knowledge about ‘equus asinus’. He can also manage a needle when he has to give any first aid to the herd. When the whole group knows he’s out there they mob him en masse! That is playful Evelyn giving his knuckles a playful nip!

And here I am with Evelyn and her mother, Della. As has been the case all summer I can’t help but wake up with a smile on Fridays knowing that I get to head over to the farm to hang out with some of my favourite animals and people!

Hope you stayed dry today!