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Lend a … paw will you?

It’s great to know that should I decide to do a little research work on a hot day I have a pal who is willing to lend a … paw! I think Rufus believes in the theorem that if you sleep on your work you’ll have it memorized when you wake up. 😉

He has a real affinity for the author, Frank Serafini, that I’ve been studying this month.

This is one of the things I love best about the summer. During the year I make a list that grows longer, and longer of the things I want to read about and learn about ‘when I have time’. It is great to pull up to my desk and have the freedom to to do a little here … and a little there … A few items on my list this summer are; learn more about the literature based classroom, figure out whether the internet tools ‘Thinglink‘ and ‘LiveBinders‘ would be helpful, and learn to play ‘Minecraft‘.

Don’t worry – ‘Minecraft’ is not some strange combination of art and geology (although I’m sure there are some amazing examples of such). My students are C-R-A-Z-Y about this  online game. The attraction for both the boys and girls is the ‘building’ and ‘creative’ aspect of it. To me it reminds me of a digital lego. They love to build their own homes. They love outrunning ‘Zombies’. Some are experts at creating entire communities, gathering resources and creating tools. You can play the game on either ‘creative’ mode – where they can safely build without being wiped out – or in ‘survival’ mode – which speaks for itself. I’ve read a number of articles on how great it can be in a classroom. Some schools / rooms have set up their own online Minecraft worlds. Then students work on it as a class or small club. That appeals to me. But first, I need to be able to ‘survive’ myself! I’m sure Rufus will be of help. 😉