Spring is About to POP!

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From the bottom … Duck Egg, Chicken Egg, Fart Egg, Grape. 😉 That teeny egg didn’t have a yolk. This can happen when the hen’s system starts to create a shell before the yolk gets released. It is usually a fluke. First one I’ve found around here. Guess another of the hens just got kick-started into spring laying. I will keep an eye on them though. Last week one of the hens laid an egg larger than that duck egg! It had two yolks …

Such a beautiful day today. Gave me lots of time to get things off my ‘to do list’ before the rain settles in. Looks like some very wet days coming up. I do not remember seeing our weather app predict hours of rainfall at almost 4 mm an hour before… That will be Sunday night and early Monday morning. Guess we will be closing doors and windows that night!

There IS one group here that might find that a lot of fun. But not at that time of day. While the chickens and goats and donkeys will all be spending lots of time under shelter I bet these guys will be running up into the woods to find new puddles to play in. With seven days of rain in the offing … they are about to live their best life! Hehe!

The donkeys and goats are starting to shed. Jill, Joker and Rosie will stand still as long as I keep brushing. Of course … after that they immediately go roll in a muddy spot! I have to catch Dottie and hold her head between my knees to settle her into brushing. Once she feels the itchy fluffs coming out she relaxes. MayMay will sometimes deign to let me brush her coat out. I collect the hair and put it out in a suet cage so the birds can make nests from it.

Wish us well as April winds up with some doozy April Showers! I have a feeling the trees and grass and flowers are going to POP after all this rain arrives.

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