I’d Like to Meet Grandpa


This is GRANDPA’S FEEDER. It might prove to be worth its weight in gold. (Actually… it cost a pretty penny!) BUT I am banking on it being the key to ending the raiding of our feed by blackbirds and chipmunks.

I’ll be one happy camper if it works. Next week I drop the lid down to the closed position. In order to get at their feed the chickens will have to step on the treadle. This is the second treadle feeder I’ve tried. It is SO well made. Good job Grandpa – whoever you are!

They’ve become accustomed to the clang of the lid when it drops at this training level. It just doesn’t drop closed.

It can stay in their outdoor covered run in the daytime. They like to hang out in this section of their run. It was cold and rainy today.

The ‘Junior Run’ is full of logs and branches and straw bales. The far strip of the roof is open to the sky – the rest protected with opaque roofing panels. So it is light in there even on cloudy days. A favourite hang out.

One of the hens laid this huge egg on the right. It is the same size as the duck eggs and MUCH bigger than the other chicken eggs. Ouch! I’m betting it has a double yolk.

I managed to catch Penny winking at me today. She does the same kind of slow blink greeting that our cats do. I get a kick out of trading winks with her.

The ducks are the easiest group to tuck in at night. They are happy to come in for a delicious big bowl of peas.

Then it’s time to call it a night. I think I’m going to follow their lead and call it an early one for me too!

2 comments on “I’d Like to Meet Grandpa”

  1. I bet no one makes feeders like grandpa anymore! I didn’t know ducks winked! Looking forward to a good wink with Penny in May. Hugs!

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