Happy Birthday Rosie

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Rosie turned fifteen today! She has been with us for ten years now. As she and I soaked in the sunshine I looked around and realized that she is the only one left of our original four donkeys. We lost Paco and Bella to illnesses (cancer and a gut blockage) and Darby returned to the Pembrooke area to keep her sister company. Good old Rosie has held down the fort. Now she rules the flerd. Top of the pecking order no matter the species.

This afternoon a young visitor arrived from down the road – hoping for a chance to meet the donkeys. As is her way Rosie looked up and saw a ‘tiny human’ and zoomed right in to meet her. She sure loves the littler ones. I love the way she and I communicate. She is a master at grinning at me first thing in the day. She raises her lip like she does when she is intent on smelling something. It is her version of a smile. She has figured out that I react with a returned smile and gentle hellos just for her. She also has a way of quietly sidling up to me and leaning in ever so gently – like a friend giving you a shoulder nudge. I made sure to wish her a Happy Birthday – with lots of extra birthday hugs.

The entire flerd spent the afternoon on the hillside. (Later in the spring it will be the ‘woods’.) I spent some time picking up some of the fallen branches and dead trees we cut down in the fall. The donkeys and the goats love to munch on these. It was too congested on the hillside – so I’ve made a big pile on their sandy knoll in the front paddock. They were more interested in the moss and newest shoots today.

We are about to enjoy a week of very mild temperatures. It is tempting to jump into full spring mode. That means undoing what took two months to ‘do’ before winter. I think I’ve learned that no matter what the weather does … the bugs arrive when the buds on the trees open. And THAT happens later in May whether it is warm, cold, rainy or dry. So… patience …

I have so enjoyed this day. I was up EARLY EARLY. Well before six … I am waking up excited. I’m in ‘let me at this day!’ mode. My brain is on turbo speed and I’m deep into ‘hobby learning’. Changing things up … and learning something new … are my zen. I’ve adopted the acronym ‘C.A.M.P.‘ in my journal. I’m relearning Calculus. Just for fun – for the brain workout. I’d be more accurate to say I’m currently into PreCalculus. I’m making friends with quadrilaterals and complex numbers. My son-in-law has loaned me his first year university Calculus textbook. That’s my next step. So imagine me figuring … and pondering … and thinking … and figuring some more. There is also Art. My iPad is an amazing tool for digital drawing, painting, collage work, Mandela creations, making books for our grandkids … Moored between my computer desk and art desk is my piano. I’m working at learning how to improvise chords and accompaniments to folk and popular music. Music. And then there is Photography which has taken on a whole new life of its own with the arrival of my Mac desktop and some incredible photo editing software. It is a good thing I’m retired! And it is no wonder I’m up early! All of those hobbies come second to my first passion which is spending time with our critters in whatever season we are in.

We were in fine form out there. The goats joined us for much of the afternoon. I had the e-collars today. They are responding so well – and are being low key around the others. I was some pleased to see them gently weaving their way through the chickens and the ducks. No quick goatie jabs to get a rise out of them. Even their hackles are down … they don’t seem to be concerned that the donkeys are going to cause them any grief. So far our training is a win – win. And when I’m leaving the paddock they are happy to return to their own goat woods. Now when I look out to see them on their hillside – perched on their ramps and climber – I know they are cozy and content. Me too!

Happy Easter from the Meadow flerd and the Meadow Mice!

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