These Two

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I am feeling very happy with these two. We have now had three excellent days of hanging out as a full flerd. They have held onto their ‘goatiness’. But also have managed to make peace with the other critters in the paddock.

I make sure all of the groups have had their breakfast – in their own territories. And then when I begin the clean up chores I go find the goats and bring them along with me. Today I had them set up with some hay piles to munch on. I was enjoying the sounds of the ducks splashing in their tub when suddenly all went quiet.

I turned to see MayMay stomping her front hooves in anger. She had been soaked by the wing slapping of Misty. She didn’t run at them – she didn’t turn her horns down – she just raised herself up and slammed down her front hooves – like you and I might stamp our feet. The ducks just froze … stared at her … and she went back to her hay. That is some big progress!

I will get the e-collars back out this weekend. Sunday looks like a good day to have May and Dottie wear them for some reinforcement training. I sure do like having them out and about while I am working.

When I head in for lunch they are just as happy to return to their own digs – with a bowl of sweet grain as a reward. The woods are perfect for them. Lots of rocks to scramble up onto. Lots of downed branches to munch on. And two shelters to hang out in – all with the best views on our property.

An especially good thing today. By this afternoon the donkeys were already sharing their digs with most of the chickens! Everyone was riding the storm out together. Notice Rosie is not the least bit perturbed! She just laid down to sleep it out despite the crowd.

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