Day: March 24, 2023

Mixin’ It Up

Just when Jill was getting used to mixing in with the chickens and ducks …

… there were two new ‘kids’ on the block.

We were having such a beautiful warm sunny day. All of the flerd were soaking in sunshine – visiting in every corner of the paddock. As I worked away on raking out the barns and the hay shelter I noticed I did not see the goats on the hillside.

Strangely … they were both IN their Cafe. Out of the sunshine. Maybe it got too hot up on the hillside on their climber? That kick started my decision to reintroduce them to the group. Earlier in the winter I took a number of days to fit them with e-collars. I set those on vibrate – HIGH VIBRATIONS – and then when they got close to the donkeys I would buzz them using a remote. MayMay was especially sensitive to that and did a good job of veering away. That was a few months ago now.

I did not have the e-collars out with me today. But after consulting with Rosie I decided to let the goats have a ‘go’ at mixing in. I did put their regular collars on – just in case I needed to grab hold of either May or Dottie.

We had an exceptional afternoon! Seems the lessons learned earlier still resonate! 😉 Without the collars. The goats explored around checking out their old digs, making sure there wasn’t a way to get at the duck or chicken food, standing up against all the new gates and pallet fence lines.

When I headed down to work in the front paddock they spent most of their time on the hillside. Checking out the new green shoots and the old winter moss. They even joined me AND the donkeys in the front paddock for some evening hay. Again … sticking to their own piles… NOT making any attempt to check out what the donkeys were eating.

This bodes well for spring, summer and fall. All those two want is to spend time where ever the rest of us are. And when I’m not around they are quite content to be in their own space. As I finished up my chores they pranced along beside the tractor and happily returned to their Cafe for their evening bowl of grain. Can you see them up there? Between the barns … on their north facing perches?

I was a happy camper heading into dinner. Glad May and Dottie had a good run – up – down – and all around. AND that Joker and Jill – AND Rosie were at ease while they mixed it up with the rest of us. Phew!

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