Day: March 23, 2023

Oh Crikey!

Did you hear? Did you hear? Farmer Wen has once again discovered that she is totally HOOKED ON blogging. Especially blogging about US … her flerd. This time she only took two months to figure that out. Sorry to all those who keep getting her ‘done with this’ notices. She’s not. This little corner of the world gives her a spot to natter on about all things critter. Serves as a protection for those that might tire of her consistent thinking, dreaming, scheming and redesigning our digs, our diets, our flerd members.

We ARE fascinating creatures after all. I can totally understand her infatuation with us… can’t you? What else would she do with all these photos she takes?

I sure hope she edits out my muddy chest feathers! Those darn ducks keep messing up my favourite watering hole. Now that they have their official ‘flerd papers’ they follow us everywhere we go.

Those chickens are talking about us again … I can tell because they keep staring in our direction … It sure will be nice to get our ponds back. They don’t seem to like the water much and we can get away to our own little corner of the paddock.

Just as long as your pond is nowhere near our hay beds! Oh — and hello again audience.

At least she isn’t going to abuse you about not keeping up with us all on Facebook. She’s been shamelessly binge watching ‘Shameless’ … too much time on her hands. Glad she will be focusing on US … (get it … focusing…!)