And That’s a Wrap


Beautiful snowfall here this week. I think in the end we seem to have about 25cm of fresh powder EVERYWHERE. Quite lovely – but made for a lot of trudging. Even if you did have four legs on the ground.

I enjoy plowing. Satisfying work when the day is done. I also enjoy a LOT of other things. It seems I have found my way back to putting a pause on The Meadow View blog. I’ll still be writing lots of letters. And posting pictures and tales to Facebook. It is time to carve out some time in this busy retired life for other creative hobbies.

For those of you whom I’ve met only out here in the blogosphere – you can rest easy knowing we’re all doing just fine. The flerd is thriving and I’ll still be snapping lots of pictures. I think the blog will revert to its private address in another month. I’ll leave this here so anyone browsing through our ten year history will be able to see that the ending was just a quiet exit.

I’ve loved sharing flerd antics with you all. Just time to declare ‘that’s a wrap!’.

3 comments on “And That’s a Wrap”

  1. I’m sorry to see you go, but I honor the way that you know what is best for you. After all there is more to life than keeping us in touch! Good luck with your new projects. Give those fur babies a hug for me!

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