Chicken Run


Meet ‘MyWelly’. She and I are thick as thieves. When I’m out and about in the paddock – she is at my heels. When I’m driving the tractor up and down the hill … she is running right beside me! And every morning when I open the chicken coop she dashes past me on her way to the duck house. There she climbs up to a nesting box I’ve hung on the wall to lay her egg.

Today was different than any other day in her experience. There was DEEP snow. Didn’t stop her. Off she went! Much to her chagrin when she got there the duck house door was locked! Egads! This morning was an indoor morning for the duck hens.

I was out front of the house filling the bird feeders. So she came looking! When I came around the corner I could see something plowing through the snow banked up against the chicken run. Yes siree! MyWelly was some put out. Ever been scolded by a chicken? Poor girl was not impressed when I did not open the duck house door for her … instead I guided her back into the run with everyone else. I picked her up and placed her into the highest nesting box in that room.

When I came through again midday I found she had managed to scoot into the lower nesting box and tucked her egg way back in the corner. I’m wondering if there will be a repeat performance tomorrow. That was a lot of snow wading for a little hen!

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