Day: November 19, 2022


Not quite sure what to think of these three today? Sure – it wasn’t all that cold. And … it wasn’t windy. But crikey! It was snowing snowballs!

They had their wind shelter with lots of hay in the feeder …

And the two rooms of this barn with soft clean wood chips and MORE hay.

But here they are … all three! Wandering up and down the hillside – hanging out in the paddock – waiting for me at the gate. I’m pretty sure Jill and Joker were not known for being snow loving beasties … And I know Rosie’s favourite way to take in a snowstorm is from the inside of a barn door.

Maybe they are just as crazy as the rest of us … thinking ‘Look! The first real storm of the winter! How beautiful!’ Hmmm… somehow I think not.

Jill practically disappears in the blizzard!

I sweet talked them into their barn and gave them some good belly rubs and ear scratches. I had to sneak quick passes at their coats to swipe the snow off. I have a good sweat scraper that can lift it off their coat without pushing drops down to their hide. They do NOT like cold water. Their coats are not waterproof. So melting snow does not feel great trickling down to their skin.

Seems there are coats of snow everywhere.

Can I secretly say I hope it is here to stay?