Getting Acquainted


I remember the feeling of being in a new school. For weeks I’d be figuring out where supplies were, how the photocopier system worked, when I was on yard duty…

I’m seeing Joker and Jill discover the tasty trees … the grass on the hillside … the moss on the rocks.

They’ve figured out the chickens … fun to watch … not a threat when they walk under your belly.

They’ve learned that Rosie can be quite grouchy – and that her stare is worse than her bite.

They’ve learned that when it is dusk it is time for their nightly serving of pellets and peanuts (in the shell). They know that I am a sucker for a donkey hug in exchange for long spells of brushing and scratching. They are patient while I check them over for ticks.

They are not quite sure what to think about the goats. They will stand at their fence line and stare for a LONG time. I’m taking that as a sign of intelligence. 😉

We all enjoyed a quiet day – with ample time to wander and get to know each other.

My heart aches for Bella. That will just be a given for quite a while. I see Rosie looking for her too. Joker and Jill have been solace for us both. They are gentle characters that make our flerd feel almost complete again.

5 comments on “Getting Acquainted”

  1. Hi Wendy any chance you could print off the first 2 pictures of Joker and Jill for me? I love those pictures. So good to see them happy again. I can’t thank you enough for taking them. I’m so sorry about Bella but I hope you can feel happiness in knowing what you have done for one kind of lonely donkey and for a very sad Joker. Such a joy for me to see them in their new home getting along with Rosie and bonding with you.

  2. Bonus Rosie is in that top picture too. I have previous pictures that you printed framed and a place of prominence in our new home. Those were ones you took at Black River farm. They are printed on regular paper which is fine.

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