Day: October 6, 2022

Let Joy Sidle Up to Your Sorrow

FIRST – THANK YOU RICK CAIRNS for taking these beautiful photos today!

Last night was Rosie’s last one alone …

Today we got to welcome Joker and Jill. They’ve come from the Primrose Donkey Sanctuary in Roseneath. A few years ago they lived at the Black River Farm with my friend Elsie. WAY back in 2014 there is a tale about my discovering them and garnering my courage to go up to Elsie’s door and introduce myself. Here is the link to that first day I met Elsie AND Joker and Jill. I sure was happy to be able to talk to someone who had some experience with caring for donkeys.

When Larry and Sue drove the trailer into our laneway we could see their ears peaked in interest – and their beautiful eyes looking back at us. They were home!

A number of years ago I worked hard to help Elsie find a new home for her herd. She developed some health issues that made looking after them – especially in the winter – very difficult. They lucked out landing at the sanctuary. And now – she and I were here together today to welcome them off the trailer.

Sure was hard to stop smiling. Rosie has been sticking very close all week. She definitely noticed her herd had disappeared and didn’t want me out of her sight.

Rosie was fascinated. We were prepared for a gradual introduction … but these three had different plans.

Can you see the lift in Rosie’s gait? Oh … perhaps you can’t tell which one is Rosie? Isn’t it intriguing? Rosie is on the right. Joker is next. Those two are amazingly similar. Although – one jenny – one gelding. In the lead is Jill. These guys are in their early twenties … about six or seven years ahead of Rosie.

We checked out the barns. We checked out the paddocks. We especially checked out the woods.

Elsie and I both were VERY pleased!

Here is Joker’s beautiful face.

I led Jill on tour and the others followed. I think that is how it will work out here. Jill seems to be the one in the lead. Rosie and Bella depended on Darby that way. They never seemed to get over losing their ‘leader’. Having Jill and Joker join us has definitely put a spring into Rosie’s step. I left them tonight – all three of them – in the Jenny Barn staying out of the rain.

I will sleep better tonight. Today’s joy has lifted some of my sorrow at losing Bella. I thought you’d all like to see the good news as well.

Sending love from the Meadow