Oh Little One xo

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We’ve been enjoying a wonderkid this past week. Such a delight! Bennie brought her mom and dad with her.

This little one is full of giggles and silliness and courage and determination! At first she was a bit daunted by how big her friends – the chicks – have grown. And even her mom was a bit taken aback by how much the flock follows people around. People = treats!

Every day brought more laughter and goofiness. She has a laugh that rolls right up out of her belly and takes her AND US completely over.

It boggles my mind how much we humans learn in two short years – well … two short FIRST years! Benny is an animal person. She has that special gentleness and calmness that lets her get close.

One day while we were out in the paddock she decided she wanted to try her hand at raking up the old hay and manure balls. We have a rake with a short handle. Away she went.

I think these shots will be classics when she is older.

There were inside jobs to help with as well. Gramma Ede and Bennie made delicious muffins.

She and Rosie (Ro-Ro) and Bella are good buds. Bennie has a painting on her wall at home of our place. And she is able to anticipate her visits here. One of her favourite things to do is to visit the donkeys.

I think Kubota needs this shot. 😉 Little farmer in training.

What a wonderful week. A quintessential summer lake and farm holiday.

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