Month: July 2022

On Summer Time

Summer time is quick time. It is morning before you are ready to wake up. It is time for bed before you are ready to say goodbye to the day. It is hello to this year’s version of our eldest granddaughters. It is fast forward time.

Last week was Grandparent Camp. Kai and Lexi put us through our paces. We age over the school year – when we have shorter and less opportunities to visit. Then summer comes around and we get nice long full weeks of visiting time. Each day we feel younger and younger. 😉

Grandpa brought up his e-bike and we headed out. It was a short trip this time around …

Kai left a little bit of herself embedded in Raymo Road.

We put her back together with tape and dressings and then sat her in front of a flaming cake! There are a LOT of candles on her cake this year… How did that happen?

We would do the chores in the morning and then escape to the lake.

The weather was hot and humid. The lake was cool and wet.

We gladly accepted an invitation to go tubing on Sharbot Lake. I swear my arms were six inches longer the next morning!

All too soon it was time to pack up and head back to the city. This time that was made a bit easier as I got to go along and take the girls to their riding lessons.

They both are able to tack up on their own – and are capable riders. I loved wandering around in the big barn at their stables. So many beautiful faces eager for treats and cuddles!

I got home late that night. The next day even the coop seemed a little subdued. We are all looking forward to the girls’ return in August.