Calamity Jane

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Fitting that the original ‘Calamity Jane’ was born on May 1st. Interesting history – that girl! Frontierswoman, fighter, raised her five younger siblings, sharp shooter … I always thought a Calamity Jane was someone who kept getting into mishaps. Turns out that moniker was earned when she rescued her Captain in a battle with the plains first nations peoples. “Calamity Jane – Heroine of the Plains”. I am going to stick with my first impression …

This little feather ball was born the first week in May. And if you take a closer look …

… you will note that she has a gigantic wound on her neck! Turns out she somehow got her head stuck in the chick feeder. It was one of those with ‘head holes’ to allow them to get the food without standing in it or pooping on it. Needless to say – that was the last day for that feeder.

This morning when I went out to get the flerd started on their day she was no where to be found. I could hear her chirping away in the coop … She got herself stuck down between the food bin and the wall. So now the food bin in stored in another shed nearby. Going to have to keep an eye on this one.

While Calamity Jane has been finding ways to get into her own mishaps – some BIG calamities have been circling outside her coop. We had a family gathering on the May long weekend. A first in a LONG time! And while we were all gathered on the Saturday a ‘bit of a storm’ passed through.

We later learned it was called a Derecho – think of it as a line of storms with intense winds that uprooted trees and destroyed homes and barns along a thousand kilometre stretch! We were all together for lunch – luckily all back from our bike hikes, swims and playing in the paddocks. Luckily because in a matter of minutes we watched the storm go by – and take down two huge poplar trees next door. Those came crashing down on the phone and power lines.

Bennie understood the gravity of the situation right away! 😉

We spent a number of hours hanging out together INSIDE as there were live wires down OUTSIDE on our front lawn. Our front wet rained on lawn… But later when we saw a chipmunk walking around them we could see our road was now cut from the main lines. Hydro did a fantastic job – showing up here late that night and working into the wee hours to cut the trees off the lines and to straighten the hydro pole that had taken a hit.

We didn’t get our power back for six days. HOWEVER past experience had us install a GenLink system that hooks our generator directly into the hydro box in the basement. We filled up gas cans and then continued with the long weekend – ever thankful for fridges, stove tops, flushing toilets and water on tap!

The ‘Littles’ had a grand time meeting up with the flerd.

The goats got to enjoy their new digs and run space WITHOUT having to be jealous of the visitors in their territory. Lots of visiting happened with them through their fence line, their screen door, and occasionally with May on a lead beside me. Such a better way for them to co-exist here. I cleaned that barn out this morning – SO EASY! I can see it was destined to be the goat house all along!

Corey and Kate are now owners of a gorgeous cottage lot on Eagle Lake. It is only a fifteen minute bike ride from our place. He and I put the docks out and managed to squeeze in a swim each of the two hot days. It doesn’t actually matter how warm a day is … Eagle Lake is always COLD! This is the new record for our family for earliest dunk in Eagle.

It sure was a magical weekend – ideal weather – great company – many good memories in the making.

Sending Meadow Hugs!

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  1. Such wonderful pictures of a memorable wknd., Wen.  You’ll be talking about this visit for years to come, I’d say.So happy for you and Ede now that Kate and Corey are setting up roots in the area.  That is so exciting for y’all!❤️ xoPam

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