Kick Up Your Heels

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Not sure if the image above on my screen shows up in an email. I’ve put some video together of the jennies and goats kicking up their heels. Spring fever! To see it you’ll need to click on the title to take you to the blog page.

Our four leggers have a grudging truce – the goats follow the donkeys – the donkeys follow the goats – just as long as no one gets too close. After watching them joust like this I decided that there was a good deal of frustration in Rosie’s body language. The goats had taken over the former jenny barn … and bug season is quickly approaching. So it was time to switch up our accommodations YET AGAIN. Ha! Only the plants in our gardens have more active ‘visas’ than our critters.

The goats have now reclaimed the ‘Goat Cafe’ – which had morphed into the ‘Brahma Cafe’ for the last year. After being trounced one too many times by Bram – and having considered our current group of one to five year old grandkids – I decided that:
1. the goats really need to have an area where they can have lots of space and yet be on the other side of a fence when young ones are exploring our paddocks;
2. the Brahma hens could move in with the Orpingtons … but not Bram (their rooster) … too big … too young … too rough.

The only way I could see this shaping up was if Mike (breeder from whence the Brahmas came) wanted another of my roosters back. I like him. I like his approach with his birds. I had also read a Facebook post in which he lamented that he no longer had breeding stock for Buff Brahmas. Fingers crossed I sent him off a message – and before noon yesterday I had relocated both Bram and Willow to his farm. I didn’t want Bram to go alone – and Willow was Bram’s favourite hen. Now sometime down the road – when I’m ready to add a couple of new hens their offspring will be waiting at Mike’s farm.

Last night the three remaining Brahma hens moved into the Palace. They are going to stay sequestered in one end for a few days. Then I’ll let them mix in with Norman’s group. I am not at all worried about how the Brahmas will fare – they are HUGE compared to the others. The Isabelles have been wide eyed since they arrived. I think I had better give them a few days to adjust to their monstrous new coop mates!

While all this moving was going on … and the sun was shining … and we were ALL sighing with spring relief the ducks were enjoying some of their first pool days of the season. That’s another YouTube video below here.

Hope spring is treating you well too!

Hugs from the Meadow Mice and all of our flerd companions.

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