Mother Nurture

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Not a typo … oooohhhhh today felt sooooooo good. Sunny – mild – just too darn good to spend much time indoors. I spent the morning visiting all the coops and then brushed all the four leggeds – much to the joy of the jennies and the griping of the goats.

These four camped out in the front paddock – doing some serious soaking in the sunshine.

Meanwhile – in the back paddock and on the hillside the ducks and the Brahmas find themselves living in a different climate zone. 😉

Each day the snow and ice melts a little further away from the Brahma’s cafe. Notice there are only five of them now? I can’t remember if I told you that just over a week ago I decided I needed to either set up another separate coop and run for Beauregard and Bessie or bite the bullet and talk with Mike – the breeder from where they came. He had always said he would take Beau back. When I explained that Bessie was his sidekick he agreed to take them both. They now live with his mother-in-law – far enough away from his own flock that if the dreaded Avian Influenza makes an appearance at his place he’ll have a stashed away pair that would escape any cull… The change in dynamics was immediate with these guys. MUCH more relaxed in their digs now. Although … I have had to teach Bram that his new responsibilities DO NOT include attacking humans that come into their run… It was a real surprise … as he has spent the last year hiding and pretending to be just one of the hens. That was his best bet when dealing with Beau!

The poultry net fencing is working to keep the drakes and the duck hens apart. More snow has melted away from this hillside and there are a few gaps along the bottom … but they have yet to discover them. The hens are quite happy to keep themselves just out of reach and yet still manage to hang out as a group that includes the drakes.

Aren’t these first warm days of spring delightful? I found myself stopping and putting my face to the sun. Or taking deep breaths to smell the warm earthy melt. The ducks are in their glory dabbing their bills into every puddle and pile of leaves they come across.

I think one more sunny mild day might clear the snow off the north side of the woods. Although … the ducks are quite happy to have piles of snow making puddles.

Happy first full day of spring!

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  1. OMG I love your updates! Please keep them coming. Whenever I see an email from you, I can’t wait to read what you and Ede are up to with all your Farm babies.

    George and I have three rescue dogs and although they have a lot of history and are a challenge at times, we would never look back on our decision to adopt. Lynda♥️🥰💙💛

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